Start, Snack, Share

€8.95 Tomato & Mozzarella Bruschetta Flatbread w/fresh pesto
€8.95 Hummus Three Ways – Classic, Chilli & Beetroot Variety w/ homemade Flatbread
€6.95 Garlic Pizza Bread – w/ lots of cheese & garlic
€8.95 Ruby Nachos – w/ jalapeños, melted cheese,  sour cream, homemade salsa & guacamole. (Add house chilli beef Smoked pulled pork  €3)
€8.95 Smoked Pulled Pork Flatbread w  Mozzarella, Peppers & Hummus
€8.00 Half Slab of BBQ Baby Back Ribs, Smoked In-Houseand smothered in Ruby’s BBq sauce

Ruby's Steaks

€20.00 8oz Hereford Striploin – w/ sautéed mushroom, sautéed onions, pepper sauce & a side of your choice
€22.00 10oz Hereford Ribeye – w/ sautéed mushroom , sautéed onions, pepper sauce & a side of your choice

The Grill

All Burgers served with House Fries, Cajun Cheesy Fries or Ruby’s Feta Salad
• Sweet Potato Fries • Chilli Cheese Fries • Dirty Fries • Salads
€15.95 6oz Steak Sambo – served medium unless otherwise stated with sauté onions, mushrooms, dressed rocket, pepper sauce and a choice of Fries, Cajun cheesey fries or Ruby’s feta salad.
€14.95 The Classic Chicken Burger – jumbo fillet w/ baby gem,tomato,tobacco onions  cheese,& burger relish
€15.95 Buttermilk Bird – Burger –Deep fried buttermilk chicken breast with Chipotle mayo, tobacco onions, lettuce, tomato and cheese.
€15.95 Red Hot Bird – Burger – Deep fried Chicken Breast tossed in Louisiana sauce with Cheese, Slaw, Pickles & Chipotle mayo ( Add Bacon for €1)
€15.95 Chicken Mexican Burger
w / fresh salsa, guacamole, jalapeno peppers,  cheese and tobacco onions
€15.95 Chicken American  Burger – Double Bacon, Double Cheese, Tobacco Onions,Jalapeno & Ruby’s secret Sauce
€13:95 Mushroom & Avocado Burger – with smoked cheese, pesto, lettuce, tomato & onions
Add Jalapenos 75c • Add Bacon €1.00 • Upgrade to chilli cheese fries €1.50

Chicken Wings

Small wings (6) €8.95 Large Wings (10) €13:95  Wings & Ribs Combo small wings & baby back ribs  €13:95
SAUCE Classic BBQ  Soya & Sesame Glaze Spicy Louisiana
DIP Garlic Mayo  Blue Cheese  Chipotle Mayo

Ruby's Famous BBQ (Smoked in House)

€20.00 Full Slab of Baby Back Ribs Ribs– Smoked & smothered in house BBQ, Ruby slaw & choice of fries, cajun cheesy fries or house salad
€14.95 Ruby’s Pulled Pork Bun – Toasted bun, Ruby slaw & choice of fries, Cajun cheesy fries or House salad
€15.95 Half Roast Smoked Chicken – with corn, house slaw,house fries & BBq or pepper sauce
€21.00 BBQ Combo Special – Ribs, Chicken wings, Pulled Pork Bun w/ ruby slaw & choice of fries, Cajun cheesy fries or House salad
€18.95 Half Roast Smoked Chicken & Baby Back Ribs Combo w/ ruby slaw & choice of fries, Cajun cheesy fries or House salad
€23:95 8oz Striploin Steak & Baby Back Ribs Combo w/ saute mushrooms , tobacco onions, pepper sauce & choice of fries, Cajun cheesy fries or feta salad
€36.00 Ruby’s Meat Buster ( 2 People) 10oz Ribeye, Half Roast Smoked Chicken,Baby Back Ribs with 2 sides of your choice

Salad Bar

Small €6.95 Large €9.95. Large with Seasoned Hot Chicken  €12:95
Caesar Salad – Baby gem, smoked bacon, parmesan, croutons, cherry tomatoes, Caesar dressing
Mozzarella & Peach – With pickled chilli, toasted pine nuts, cherry tomato, red onion & lemon dressing
Ruby’s Feta Salad – Mixed Leaves, Feta cheese, ginger & lime pickled cantaloupe, roasted pecans, avocado puree & quinoa poached in beetroot juice
The Goat – Rocket, pesto, sundried tomato, crushed walnuts, candied beets & crumbed goats cheese

Seafood & Pasta

€15.95 Ruby’s Fish & Chips – Tempura battered Cod served with lemon mayo and fresh chips
€14.95 Smoked chicken & Chorizo Carbonara – with garlic crème fraîche, basil, rocket, sun-dried tomato.
€13:95 Mediterranean Veg & Pesto Pasta –  Basil pesto , Aubergine, courgette, sun-dried tomato and roasted peppers.
€15:95 Prawn, Mussel & Salmon Tagliatelle -– w/ white wine, Creme Rose sauce & mixed herbs.


All Sauces €0.90
Chipotle Mayo
Garlic Mayo
Blue Cheese
House BBQ
Pepper Sauce
House BBQ


€4.25 House Fries
€4.95 Sweet Potato chips
€3.00 Ruby’s House Slaw
€4.50 Cajun Cheesy Fries
€4.50 Garlic Cheesy Fries
€5.25 Chilli Cheese Fries
€4.95 Dirty Fries
€4.50 Side of any of our Salads
€4.00 Ruby’s Corn-on-the-Cob w/ chipolte & Parmesan


€Add €1.50 All Pizzas can be made gluten free – Ask you server
€13.00 Sml - €16.00 Lrg Margarita
Buffalo mozzarella, tomato sauce & olive oil
€14.00 Sml - €17.00 Lrg Ruby’s Special –
Pulled Pork, Mixed Peppers, Red Onion, Smoked Cheese, BBQ Sauce, and Ruby’s Slaw
€13.00 Sml - €16.00 Lrg Hawaiian
Baked Ham, Pineapple & Sweetcorn
€15.00 Sml - €18.00 Lrg The Italian 
Parma Ham, Cherry Tomato & Rocket
€14.00 Sml - €18.00 Lrg BBQ Chicken
Homemade BBQ sauce, smoked chicken breast, roasted peppers, diced chorizo & mozzarella
€15.00 Sml - €18.00 Lrg Carne
Parma Ham, pepperoni, salami, red peppers
€13.00 Sml - €16.00 Lrg Pepperoni –
Buffalo Mozarella,Tomato Sauce, Pepperoni
€€14.00 Sml - €17.00 Lrg The Godfather 
Smoked Chicken, Chilli Beef, Peppers, Sweetcorn,  & Jalapenos
€15.00 Sml - €18.00 Lrg The White Pig
White garlic base, Italian sausage, mushroom and oregano
€15.00 sml - €18.00 Lrg Mexicana  –
Smoked Chicken, Chorizo, Jalapenos, Homemade salsa, Chilli flakes & chipotle mayo
€15.00 Sml - €18.00 Lrg Smoked Philly Steak –
Sliced Steak, Pepper Sauce Base, Caramelized Red Onions, Roast Peppers, Provolone Cheese
€14.00 Sml - €17.00 Lrg The Texan –
Chilli Beef, Chorozio, Jalapenos, Pico De Galo & Chilli Flakes
€14.00 Sml - €17.00 Lrg Veggie Delight
Smoked vegetables, olive oil, herbed goats cheese & spinach aioli
€15.00 Sml - €18.00 Lrg Create Your Own ……..

12pm - 2:30pm Mon to Fri

€10.00 Ruby’s Hot Chicken  Wrap
– w/ cheese. peppers & onion & chipolte mayo
€10.00 Chicken Caesar Wrap
w/baby gem.smoked bacon,parmesan,croutons,cherry tomatoes & caesar dressing.
€10.00 Mexican Wrap – Chicken, Cos leaves, Jalapenos, Salsa, Cheese & Guacamole
€10.00 Happy Vegan Wrap – Beetroot Hummus, Cos leaves, tomato, peppers, sweetcorn, red onion, avocado purée
€10.00 Stone Baked Chicken Sambo – House smoked chicken,
roasted red peppers, onions & red cheddar cheese
€10.00 Stone Baked Ruben Sambo – Honey glazed smoked ham,
mozzarella cheese, horseradish mayo & caramelized onions
€10.00 Stone Baked Veggie Sambo – Goats cheese,
portobello mushroom & roasted red pepper aioli
€11.00 Beef Burrito – Basmati Rice, Chilli Beef, Salsa, Mixed Cheese & Sour cream
All served with house fries, Rubys Feta Salad or Soup and choice of soft drink/tea or coffee.
Drinks Include, Coke, Fanta,Diet coke, Sprite, Sprite Zero, Fanta Orange, Soda Water, OJ, Cranberry Juice, Tea & Coffee
NOT available on Public/Bank Holidays

12pm to 4:30pm Mon to Fri

€12.00 Classic Chicken Burger, Pulled Pork Bun or 
Mushroom & Advacado burger w/house fries & soft drink
€13.00 Steak Sambo – w/Sautéed onion, sautéed mushrooms & rocket w/ House fries or Rubys Feta Salad
€12.00 Ruby’s Fish & Chips w/ house fries & soft drink
€11.00 Ruby’s chicken Wing & Fries w/ soft drink
Choose a sauce and a dip.
Any 9.5″ Pizza & soft drink

Choose from our selection of pizzas.

Ranging between €11-€13

Any Large Salad & soft drink
Ceasar,Mozzarella & Peach, The Goat or Ruby’s Feta €11

Add Chicken for €1

Drinks Include, Coke, Fanta,Diet coke, Sprite, Sprite Zero, Fanta Orange, Soda Water, OJ, Cranberry Juice, Tea & Coffee
NOT available on Public/Bank Holidays

Now you can love Mondays

Have A Pizza This..

Deal 1 –  Any small pizza & soft drink  €12
Deal 2 –  Any small pizza & pint of draught beer or a glass of house wine. €15
Deal –  Portion of chicken wings, large pizza & 2 soft drinks  €25
Upgrade with 2 adults cinema tickets for 40 euro

Cocktail Special & Dessert Special

All Draught Pints €4.00
Nutella Pizza €6.00
Strawberry Daquiri €6.95

Nobody does Tuesdays better

Chicken Wings

Small Wings Not €8.95 NOW €6 a choice of house BBQ, Louisiana or Soya & Sesame. Served with a dip of your choice.

Steak - Chicken - Ribs

9oz Striploin Steak – Not €20 NOW €14:95.
All steaks served with mushrooms, tobacco onions & pepper sauce and a side of your choice.
Chicken & Ribs Combo, Half Roast Chicken, 1/2 Slab of Baby Back Ribs,
w/ House Fries , Cajun Cheesy Fries or Ruby’s Feta Salad Not €21 NOW €14.95

Drinks Special

Strawberry Collins Cocktail only €6:95

Kids Menu

€6.50 Chicken Goujons & Chips
€6.50 Cod Goujons & Chips
€6.50 add cheese 25c Chicken Burger & Chips
€6.50 Pizza Margarita
€6.50 Creamy Penne Pasta
€6.50 Kids Tomato Pasta
€8.95 Kids Combo : Meal & Drink & Ice Cream

*Kids meals are only available to Children 12 or under when accompanied by an adult*

Ask for daily specials

€8.95 Sweet Crust Nutella Pizza – w/ fresh fruit, vanilla ice cream & grated hazelnuts
€6.95 Cookie & Mars Bar Pie 
€6.95 Ruby’s Sundae – w/ vanilla ice cream, chocolate fudge & pecans
€6.95 Chocolate Fudge Cake – w/ vanilla ice cream, ( Gluten Free Available )
€6.95 Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich
€6.95 Salted Caramel Profiteroles
€6.95 Warm Belgian Waffle with Summer Berries & Ice Cream
€6.95 Cheesecake of the Day
€7.50 Reeses Pie 

Ruby's Party €35

3 Course Set menu – Includes House Cocktail, wine or soft drink.


Garlic Pizza Bread w/ lots of cheese & garlic
Chicken Wings w/ a choice of house BBQ or Louisiana
Ruby’s Nachos w/ jalapenos,melted cheese, olives, Pico de galo, sour cream & fresh guacamole
Caesar Salad – baby gem, smoked bacon, parmesan, croutons, cherry tomatoes, Caesar dressing
Hummus Two Ways – classic & chilli basil variety w/ homemade flatbread

Mains - Pizza

Pizza – Choose any regular pizza from our main menu or create your own.
Ruby’s Pulled Pork Bun, w / house fries or house salad
Half Slab of Pork Belly Ribs – w/ house fries or  house salad
Classic Chicken Burger – w / house fries or  house salad
Smoked Chicken & Chorizo Carbonara – with garlic creme fraiche, basil, rocket, sun-dried tomato.

Other Mains


Homemade Cheesecake of the day
Homemade Apple Pie
Nutella Pizza to share

Please see Weekend Brunch menu for our Family Club offering for €35

All for €35:00 plus every sixth one FREE

Family Club €35 Every Sat/Sun/& Bank Holiday Monday - 10:30am - 2:30pm

Family Club €60 Enjoy it with a family cinema pass to Odeon Point Square - 2 Adults - 2 Kids tickets

Add Ons

2 x Kids Meal Deals (see kids menu) –
Meal + Drink + Ice Cream
2 x Adult Brunch Items –
€4 Supplement for Steak & Eggs & Rib options
1 x Regular Wings or Nachos
2 x Adult Soft Drinks
€5 For additional Children’s MealsAdditional Kids add €5

Here at Ruby’s Restaurant we’re a proud bunch of food and drink enthusiasts serving only the very best and tastiest bites. We’re excited about our food and sure why wouldn’t we be with mouth watering burgers, ribs and beautiful salads on our menu. Its enough to inspire even the pickiest of eaters. And, if that isn’t enough we also have a choice of devilishly indulgent deserts and sweet treats along with artisan cocktails and craft beers to wash it all down.

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